Progression & XP Inflation in MMORPGs

  1. Once the most dedicated players of the game finish the game, the developer needs to provide them with new content, but all content added to the end of a game will not be accessible to any players who have not completed the old content.
  2. If the game’s content is primarily combat focused and combat power/ability scales with progress, a new player of the game cannot easily play with their friend who has been playing the game for months or years.
  1. Content added to the end of the end-game still is not accessible to new players
  2. Friends still can’t play together until both reaching the end-game
  1. Players complete that content at different rates. Some complete it and some never complete it.
  2. In order to ensure that all players are at the same level of progress when releasing new content, the developers make it extremely easy to progress to the end of the existing content, which devalues old progress.
  3. Go to step 1.
  • ensures that players with different levels of progression can play together and collaborate
  • ensures that new content is not only added at the end of the progression, but throughout the game
  • is designed in a way that does not require all players to complete all of the content


BitCraft is designed from the ground up to achieve those goals. Let’s explore a few of the design elements which are critical in the furtherance of the goals.



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