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Clockwork Labs Reveals BitCraft Composers and Alpha Launch Timing

Austin Wintory and Rachel Hardy Revealed to Create Music for the Ambitious Community Sandbox MMORPG

SAN FRANCISCO — September 28, 2023 — Clockwork Labs, an independent fully remote game development studio, today revealed new details about BitCraft, their cross-platform debut Community Sandbox MMORPG. The game, set for release on PC first, will feature music by Grammy-nominated and 2 times BAFTA-winning composer Austin Wintory and Canadian composer and vocalist Rachel Hardy. A new atmospheric trailer has been released, designed to showcase the stunning music featured in the game.

In BitCraft, players enter the game at the beginning of the Age of Automata, a significant chapter of this majestic world. Players can create their own legend as solo adventurers or work together with others to build a new civilization in a single, editable wilderness with an ancient past. The player’s journey begins in an almost untouched wilderness with mysterious remnants of an earlier civilization. It will be up to the players to cultivate this vast single world and to create prosperous civilizations with gameplay that emphasizes building, hunting, crafting, farming, trading, and exploring.

From uncovering ancient ruins and artifacts, to discovering the diverse flora and fauna of the world of BitCraft, to cultivating a sheltered village with friends, or establishing impressive cities, BitCraft offers unparalleled freedom and long-term character progression which enables players to create their own stories and write the new history of this world. Become a farmer, an adventurer, a city builder, a trader, a merchant or simply forge your own path in BitCraft. The choice is yours.

The game’s alpha release is scheduled to run beginning in early 2024.

“Since announcing BitCraft two years ago, development has gone from strength to strength as our dedicated team continues to evolve this truly ambitious game,” said Tyler Cloutier, co-founder of Clockwork Labs. “A game that pushes the boundaries of what an MMORPG can do needed a remarkable soundtrack, so it was only natural that we reached out to the incomparable Austin Wintory to craft a one-of-a-kind score for our release.”

“I am doubly excited to be involved in Clockwork Labs’ debut game BitCraft, both because it’s a lovely game that calls for a poignant and unique score, and also because it afforded me an opportunity to collaborate on the music with my friend Rachel Hardy. Many know her for her singing and I’m excited for just as many to know her for her original compositions!” said Austin Wintory, composer of BitCraft.

BitCraft is built with SpacetimeDB, a server-side game engine designed and engineered by Clockwork Labs. Read more about how the server works and what it means for the development of BitCraft here.

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About Clockwork Labs
Clockwork Labs is a privately-owned video games developer with headquarters in San Francisco, California. The company was founded in 2019 with the goal of applying its founders’ unique engineering backgrounds in distributed systems to video games. The concept for its first project BitCraft attracted investors and industry veterans to join. The company is currently growing.

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About Austin Wintory
Grammy-nominated and 2x BAFTA-winning composer Austin Wintory has had a career straddling film, video games and the stage. He has scored over 50 feature films, including several Sundance hits (Grace, Captain Abu Raed), and over 30 games, netting him 7 BAFTA nominations with 2 wins, 2 wins of the peer-voted ASCAP Composer’s Choice Awards and a slew of other industry accolades. His work, ranging from intimate indies like JOURNEY and ABZU to massive blockbuster franchises like ASSASSIN’S CREED, and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, is often noted for its unique perspective and fresh approach.

About Rachel Hardy
Rachel Hardy is a Canadian composer and vocalist currently working out of Seattle, WA. Recently, she has worked on upcoming video game projects developed/published by companies such as Tencent, Hidden Path Entertainment, Real Game Machine, NatGames, Nexon, Indago VR, Hawkward Studios Inc, No Cartridge Inc, and Triune Games. Over the past 5 years, Rachel has composed the scores or contributed vocals for various documentaries / docu-videos, podcasts, events, sample libraries, TV broadcasts, albums, and short films. She has also earned a large following of over 36 million views on YouTube for her covers of popular songs from video games, films, and TV shows.