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Clockwork Labs
2 min readAug 31, 2021

Clockwork Labs Raises $4.3M To Create Ambitious Community Sandbox MMORPG

New Fully Remote Independent Game Studio Backed by Video Game Industry Investors Including Skycatcher and Supercell

SAN FRANCISCO — AUGUST 31, 2021 — Introducing Clockwork Labs, a new fully remote independent game development studio, led by founding members Tyler Cloutier and Alessandro Asoni, veteran engineers who have worked on large scale products like Game of War and Mobile Strike, MMO strategy games from Machine Zone, and Bloomberg Terminal’s bond pricing systems. The fast-growing team has already attracted veteran game industry talent from companies such as Ubisoft and Kakao Games.

Clockwork Labs has raised $4.3 million in funding for its upcoming unannounced community sandbox MMORPG and is venture-backed by Supercell, Firstminute Capital, 1Up Ventures, Supernode, and Skycatcher. The company is dedicated to building massively-multiplayer “societal games” that are less focused on pure combat and instead encourage social interaction and cooperation between players. This focus has also attracted angel investors such as Hilmar Pétursson, the CEO of CCP Games, the makers of EVE Online, and Unity founder, David Helgason.

“We started Clockwork Labs to create the kind of ambitious MMORPG project we’ve wanted to play for years, but which required our new proprietary tech,” said Tyler Cloutier, co-founder of Clockwork Labs. “Our debut project will feature a truly unique level of social interaction and cooperation between players, which is at the core of what our studio values in gaming.”

“At Clockwork Labs, we want to create virtual worlds which have true meaning to the players that inhabit them,” said Alessandro Asoni, co-founder of Clockwork Labs. “It is important to us in the way we design games to give the power of creation and owning content back to the players. We’re excited to see what this level of freedom and inspiration leads to when we invite the world to experience our debut project.”

Clockwork Labs’ debut project is an upcoming community sandbox MMORPG. More details will be revealed at a later date.

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About Clockwork Labs

Clockwork Labs is a privately-owned video games developer with headquarters in San Francisco, California. The company was founded in 2019 with the goal of applying its founders’ unique engineering backgrounds in distributed systems to video games. The concept for its first game, a community sandbox MMORPG, attracted investors and industry veterans to join.

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