BitCraft is here! (mostly)

Today’s the day! We’re launching the BitCraft Alpha! We’re very excited to be opening up the game to the very first founding players. We’ve been working non-stop for over a year on the project and we plan to be improving the game for years to come!

The Alpha

I just want to give a quick rundown of the game features before you all have at it.

The World

The BitCraft world is a procedurally generated Hex tile grid. In this Alpha we’re starting with a 512 x 512 grid to keep things manageable, but this will become much larger in the world-wide launch or even just the beta.

There’s lots of exploring to do in the BitCraft world! There are plenty of rare resources, other players and towns, cool cliffs, and even wolves to find.

You’ll have to craft boats and ladders to get to the far reaches of the world.

Your Character

You’ve got a player, like a regular old RPG. None of this mobile-city-building silliness! It’s a real honest to goodness MMORPG. (Disclaimer: unfortunately there it’s any character customization yet, but it will be coming!)

You’re character will have 5 skills that you can improve as you practice them:

  1. Forestry
  2. Carpentry
  3. Masonry
  4. Mining
  5. Smithing

Forestry focuses on gathering wood. Carpentry on making construction materials, ladders, and ships. Masonry on constructing buildings. Mining on gathering any metals or minerals. And smithing on making tools and weapons.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just some of these, you can do all of them! But be warned, it difficult to master them all.

Towns and Building

You can join and build towns together with your friends in BitCraft! To join a town you must purchase land in the town. The player who owns the most land in a town is automatically assigned the role of mayor. Right now the mayor doesn’t do much for you, but it will be super cool in the future!

You can also construct buildings on the land that you own. The buildings right now pertain mostly to crafting items or recovering your stamina. There’ll be a lot more fun buildings to come in the future!

Items and Inventory

You can carry items that you collect in the world or pick up off of monsters. Some items stack infinitely, some items will stack up to a number, and some won’t stack at all. All players have 24 inventory slots, but we’ll probably expand that in the future.

In the meantime, you can already create storage buildings to hold all your extra stuff!

Trading with other players is also super easy. Just long press on another player to inspect them or offer a trade.


Right now there is only one chat room and it’s global chat. We have lots of cool things we’re going to add to chat, but for right now this is the bare necessities.

White cubes

The dreaded white cubes! If you see a white cube, don’t panic, it’s just art that we haven’t completed for the game yet. We’ll be getting rid of all the white cubes in the next few weeks, and they won’t be back again. Schedules are hard.

We were thinking of creating a cool Alpha Cube rare item for all of our early players who had to see those ugly white cubes!

That’s basically it for now, so without further ado here are the links and instructions on downloading the game: [redacted]

The Future

We have a huge number of ideas for the future and we’re looking forward to being able to develop with our community! We’ve got some fundamental things to work on next like:

  • Better combat
  • New wilderness creatures
  • Player animations
  • Ladder animations
  • Construction animations
  • Better town layouts

That being said, I’ve listed some the ideas that we’re really looking forward as well, in no particular order.

  • Founding new towns
  • Editable terrain
  • Nations
  • Claiming land
  • Player owned stores
  • Farming and Cooking
  • Clothing Customization
  • Character Customization
  • Walls
  • Roads
  • Mayor powers
  • Guilds
  • PvP
  • Crime
  • New Technologies and Ages (power generation, airships)
  • Collaborative Buildings (Inns, Marketplaces, Beacons, etc)
  • Direct Messaging, Town Messaging, and Group Messaging
  • Building interiors
  • Dungeons
  • Biome specific resources
  • Modular buildings
  • Town quests

Happy to hear suggestions and add to this list. Just pop into our Discord and send us a message!

  • 3Blave (Tyler)

Creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO.

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