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BitCraft Dev Blog — The Wet Biome

Hello everyone! This blog post is just a quick follow up to the last one. I wanted to share some new game models with you and also our experiments with a new biome!

With game’s like Minecraft the mood of the game doesn’t materially change when you move from biome to biome. In BitCraft we want players to feel that different parts of the world have a totally different atmosphere. We think this’ll make exploration a lot more exciting and interesting. It also means that we can eventually specialize the looks of buildings and materials based on the biome that you decide to live in.

So not only will different biomes have different resources, but also different colors schemes and effects. Check out our color scheme for our wet biome along with some new models!

Next Play Test

I also just wanted to add here that I’ll be updating the website with information on the next play test this week, so stay tuned!

— 3Blave (Tyler)

Creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO.

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