BitCraft Dev Blog — Sept 28th

This week was a mostly engineering focused week with some feature implementation towards the end. It might not be the most exciting stuff to hear about, but we did some really important updates for stability. Thought it might be worth hearing about anyway!

Bug Squashing

We’ve had a pretty persistent bug that has been sporadically preventing us from signing in on iOS. Since we now have some of our friends play testing the game who couldn’t get in, we decided to put this one to bed once and for all.

We had to quite a bit of hunting to narrow down the culprit to a low level message receive call for TCP sockets. We’ve now added timeout guards on the server to prevent transaction queues from getting stuck waiting to send messages that will never be sent. What that basically means is that players were getting stuck on sign in and they would be stuck on sign in every time they opened their apps forever. Not good! And now, not possible!

We also swapped out our client side web socket library for the low level .NET version.

We also fixed a huge number of gameplay bugs that were brought to our attention by friends that were playing. Hurray stability!

One of the things that also had caused a lot of issues for testers is that they were using old clients with new server-side code that wasn’t compatible. As of this week, players will no longer be able to use clients which are too old to communicate with the server, so we can eliminate that problem entirely!

Logging System

We’d been putting off doing a proper logging system for a long time now, but with out deep investigations into game issues and our push for stability, we felt it was the right time to invest.

And so this week we’ve implemented a shiny new logging system! I know, I know it’s hard to contain your excitement, but take a look at these beauties:

A real logging system

Timestamps? You know it, this is some cutting edge tech. In all seriously though, this enables us to find and kill bugs much faster.

Building System Improvements

Just a quick update on the building system. We’ve now made towns fully freeform, meaning you can buy land anywhere within at town with no restriction on placement. This feels so much better than the old system, but we still have to figure out how to make it work from a visual sense. We’d also like to eventually work in roads into the town system.

The building recipes also got a pretty big improvement this week. We now have a new scheme for upgrading buildings which is considerably better balanced and more intuitive. There are now currently 15 levels of buildings with 3 different visual styles as depicted on our website.

Visual progression of building technology

All buildings now upgrade through this same consistent progression. We’ll add more building levels above 15 later, but we’re going to stick with this for now.

In the coming weeks we’ll have some more game asset art to show you!

Terrain Improvements

So it turns out that our terrain before was well… boring (and to be honest kind of ugly). We’ve made some adjustments here to produce much more interesting terrain with cliffs and other landscape features instead of just rolling hills which all look kind of the same.

More interesting (and terraced) landscape

There’s still a lot to do here with regards to resource deposit placement, but that will likely come later.


We’ve implemented the basic mechanics of combat, but there’s a lot more to do here. This will be the focus of next week’s post!

Happy to answer questions on Discord as always!

Creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO.

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