BitCraft Dev Blog — Oct 5th


Hello again everybody! This weeks post is about one fun feature and one necessary feature. The fun feature is, as promised, combat!


When we came up with the original BitCraft design we actually didn’t plan on adding any combat features at all. BitCraft was always meant to be more of an economics and city building game, centered around crafting, mining, and building.

But essentially in the end we can’t resist adding some thrilling fights into the BitCraft world. Overtime felt that the atmosphere of the game would be even better if we had creatures around the BitCraft world. (Partially we also just thought it would be sweet to fight a dragon!)

Whatever the case, combat has arrived! The system right now is very simple, but it proves out our architecture and we’ll be building on it rapidly between now and the alpha launch.

The combat system is point and click, just like the rest of the controls. If you want to attack a monster, just click on them and your character will walk up and attack them. Right now you have to click manually to do an attack, but next week we should have an auto-attacking system that will automatically attack the enemy you’ve targeted as soon as your previous attack finishes.

This type of system is very similar to Runescape’s combat system, which has served them well for many years. In some sense, we don’t want to mess with success.

Enough talk though! Have a look for yourself. Below you can see me killing one “monster” (the pill-shaped things — don’t worry we’ll have real monsters soon enough) and dying to another.

Basic combat system

As you saw, we don’t have anything in the way of weapons or animations yet, so it’s *very* basic. That’ll all be here soon! You can also see that when I die, I get transported back to my town. The penalty for death is dropping all of your items, so watch out with what you carry around into the wilderness!

(You also got to see some of our debug logging as well! haha)

When Players Leave the Game

The necessary feature we worked on this week is what to do if players leave the game (aka “churn”). It might seem a little early to think about players leaving BitCraft before there are even any players joining BitCraft, but it’s actually very important!

The reason it’s so important for us to think about is that BitCraft is different from almost any other MMO. The difference is that players can own land, and take up space (which is a resource) even when they are offline. In almost all MMOs if a player leaves the game the game world is unaffected, but in BitCraft if that player owns land in a town they’ll be preventing other players from using that land.

The solution we’ve come up with is the “Property Tax” mechanic. The way it works is that players will be periodically (1 week) required to pay a nominal fee (1 or 2 Hex coins) at their town’s Town Hall in order to keep ownership of their land. If a player misses the deadline to pay their property tax, their land will be sold back to the town for the exact amount that they bought it for. This will free up the land for other players to use.

If a player that missed the deadline comes back into the game, they will have all of their items and will have their refunded money which can be used to buy other land.

There’s lots of other things we can do for players who know that they won’t be able to log in for a week or so, as a convenience, but this is the general idea.

This mechanism ensures that players who are actively playing have the opportunity to get the land tiles that they need to play.

That’s all for this week! Happy to hear your thoughts as always!

  • 3Blave (Tyler)

Creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO.

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