BitCraft Dev Blog — Oct 27th

Hello again! I apologize for the delayed blog post! We’ve had a busy past two weekends. I have a few fun things to share though in this post!

The short version of the past two weeks has been bug fixes and performance improvements. Hooray! I know it’s not the most exciting stuff but these are things that are absolutely critical for launching the game. These are some of the more tricky things that we’ve pushed out until now, so they took quite a bit of dev time.

The long version continues below.

Updates to Combat

Combat now works much more smoothly than it did two weeks ago. At this point we’ve also added in a lot of important things to combat such as the following.

  • Players and enemies now heal automatically over time.
  • Loot! Enemies now turn into corpses when they die. By looting the corpse you can collect your reward for defeating enemies.
  • Wolves!
  • Players/boats/enemies/etc, now no longer render off of the map area.
  • Weapons (swords)! We’ve added in a weapons system and added swords as the first type of weapons.
  • Auto-attacking system is now greatly improved.

There’s still a lot more we want to add to combat as well, which we will get to in time! Please put suggestions on our Discord! Also shoutout to @no2143 for the many ideas they’ve been talking with us about!

Compass and Waypoints

You can now zoom out to set a waypoint on the map to mark the place you’re going to next:

This waypoint helps you keep your bearings as you walk around in the BitCraft world. Once you’ve set a waypoint, a helpful compass will show up on your mini-map pointing you in the direction of the waypoint:


  • You can now inspect other players.
  • Player level and top skill icon is shown above your head for other players.
  • Pathfinding to locations you can reach now moves you as close as possible.
  • Misc mysterious bug causing repeated actions to be played on the game client.
  • Improved startup/login times.
  • Drastically reduced memory usage from 725 MB -> 550 MB.
  • Fixed issues with chat messages being duplicated.
  • Improved tax payment UI.
  • Began creating our metric system for tracking usage!
  • And much much more! It’s been a busy few weeks and it looks to be a busy few more!

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Creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO.

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