BitCraft Dev Blog — Oct 12th

Just a quick update this week! Unfortunately, I don’t have a visual update this week. Our major focuses this week were finding a 3D artist to work on the environment in models, improving the combat system and adding in ladders.

Hiring an Artist

We’re currently looking for a 3D environment artist to improve some of our visuals and to create models for our world!

Please send a message to or message me on Discord if you’re interested or would like to recommend an artist!


We spent a fair bit of time fixing up the bugs in the combat system this week. Enemies now spawn in “dungeons” of a sort. Essentially what this means is that they now spawn in clusters in certain areas of the map. We’ve also added an auto-attacking mechanic so you no longer have to repeated click on an enemy to attack. A lot of the combat stuff needs work, so this will be a focus between now and launch.


We’ve now added in the concept of ladders! After improving the terrain generation system a couple weeks ago we realized we needed to give players a way to be able to climb tall cliffs. Our solution is ladders! Ladders of increasing quality and length can be crafted by improving your carpentry skill. Now if you’ve got the longest ladder you can stand atop the world and be the envy of all!

Happy to answer questions as always!

  • 3Blave (Tyler)

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