A new open-world MMO for mobile.

Since the dawn of the video game era, playing a video game has always meant following along a set of predetermined rails. Following a set story. Even choice based video games pretend to make you free to choose your path, but in reality only give you a handful of the same old rails.

For as long as I have played those games, I’ve dreamed of one which is truly open and free. Where there are no rails and the gameplay is what the players make it. By and large video game developers still assume that they must create and curate content for players. So why doesn’t this type of video game exist? Well, in part, it does! Minecraft is an example of an ultra-sandbox game where the content is only limited by what you can imagine. But even Minecraft doesn’t capture a critical aspect of the real world that I’ve always been looking for: a feeling that you’re part of a permanent society.

The closest thing you can get to that in Minecraft is to join a modded Minecraft server. Modders frequently try to build in some of the aspects of MMO style social interaction as best they can without breaking the Minecraft client. The core Minecraft game was never designed for character building, complex social interaction, or social structure, so these things have to be hacked in.

This raises the question, what if you set out to design an ultra-sandbox game like Minecraft as an MMO from first principles? What would change and what would stay the same? What would it look like?

Today we’re announcing the development of a new game, BitCraft, which is designed to be just that: a game which feels like an open sandbox game, but gives you a reason to trade, compete, collaborate, and interact with other players over a long period of time.


We’re looking forward to building this new virtual experience alongside you!

Tyler Cloutier

Founder, Clockwork Labs