Hi everyone!

It’s been 8 months since our last play test and I’m happy to announce we’re ready start up the Alpha2 play test starting today! It’s been a bit of a long and winding road to get here, so let me break down what’s been happening on our end and what our goals were for this test.

All new graphics

We received a lot of feedback from players about what they liked about BitCraft and what was frustrating. We tried to improve on a lot of the frustrating aspects of the experience even though we still have much more to do! The major thing you’ll notice is all new terrain generation and game art! Other highlights of this new play test are:

  • Much faster loading times

We received a lot of awesome feedback on smaller things from the last play test and we’ve also tried to incorporate that into our game.

In the next 6 months our top priorities are going to be UI/UX (the UX is still confusing and clunky) and game content. Some highlights for our plans are:

  • Desktop specific UI

This time around we’re adding a web client so you can finally play BitCraft on your desktop! The instructions for each platform are below.

Creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO.

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