A new open-world MMO for mobile.

Since the dawn of the video game era, playing a video game has always meant following along a set of predetermined rails. Following a set story. Even choice based video games pretend to make you free to choose your path, but in reality only give you a handful of the same old rails.

For as long as I have played those games, I’ve dreamed of one which is truly open and free. Where there are no rails and the gameplay is what the players make it. By and large video game developers still assume that they must create and curate…

How is it possible for a small startup with no resources to compete with a well-funded mega-corporation? Why is it that startups seemingly out-innovate big companies at every turn? Why does everyone talk about big companies being slow and bureaucratic? Is there some fundamental reason why companies lose their efficiency and their ability to generate new ideas and products as they grow? Before I went to work at some larger companies these questions baffled me, but after some experience in industry I think they have some very reasonable and straightforward answers.

Why are big companies slow?

I won’t pretend to…

Clockwork Labs

Creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO.

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